Who We Are

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Filippo Maria Olivi di Briana,
Chief Executive Officer



ODB  is a privately-owned company, trading high quality timbers and agricultural products founded by Filippo Maria Olivi di Briana, the company’s CEO. ODB’s main trading operations are in Singapore, Hanoi (Vietnam), Guangzhou (P.R. China) , Asuncion (Paraguay) and Santa Cruz della Sierra (Bolivia).

ODB maintains a direct chain of command to facilitate efficient decision-making, which ensures we are able to act decisively to secure advantages in the interest of our clients. We rely on a team of experienced people on the ground and we prioritise long term relationships with our suppliers and customers. ODB’s reputation is for its reliability in delivering results.

FMO, as he is known, has more than 20 years experience in timber and other agricultural products from South America. He began his career at Fininvest in Milan then moved to Hong Kong in the late 80’s to start his own trading operation. A consummate entrepreneur, FMO has drawn on his extensive knowledge of the international timber markets to establish ODB  as one of Asia’s  leading timber  trading companies. He is now focused on making ODB a more diversified commodities trading house.