paraguayODB is dedicated to the forests as a renewable natural asset and applies a scientific approach to forestry.  For every tree cut, ODB has implemented a programme of “5 to 1”, where five trees are replanted for every one cut.

ODB has been the initiator in setting up several reforestation projects in Paraguay.  It has also been a key player in advising and pushing for the full implementation of the “LEY 536 DE FOMENTO A LA FORESTACION Y REFORESTACION”, Paraguay’s rigid law on reforestation from the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Affairs.

ODB has also established several nurseries, where carefully selected seeds are given an opportunity to develop into strong young plants.  These plants are then replanted in selected sites where they grow into strong new trees.  This is what makes our wood appealing to companies that are environmentally conscientious.

ODB is committed to protecting the environment by controlled cutting planned harvesting and replanting for future generations.