Manufacturing Process


ODB’s manufacturing process follows strict criteria of quality control from the time and when the logs are chosen to when they are kiln dried and packed for shipping.  We use only the best European technology under European management to offer: precise sizes, standard features and technical data allowing the architect/designer to specify ODB’s solid timber flooring with assurance; and guarantee a standardised product of international quality.

ODB’s entire production is harvested from plantations of the finest quality South American subtropical hardwoods.  Logs are chosen for hardness, durability, dimensional stability, resistance, colour and grain.  Selection is supervised by the Ministry of National Forest Service to promote the preservation of the forests and the environment.

Process Stages

  1. Cut: Logs are cut in our sawmills where insecticides are applied to guard cut timber from insect attack, thus maintaining the planks to the highest quality.
  2. Dried & Stored: The lumber is then dried in computerised, highly advanced kiln-drying machines, to obtain the best hygroscopic balance of the wood. The wood is stored to drain the stress and to level out the rate of humidity.
  3. Worked with high precision machinery: It is then worked in our main factories with high precision machinery to ensure a perfect connection, tongue and groove and layout of the strips at right angles.
  4. Graded: The wood is then manually graded into Premium, Commercial or Third grades using strict quality control guidelines.
  5. Packed & Shipped: The final product is packed in heat-shrinkable polyethylene to ensure that the product arrives in perfect condition.  Packages are shipped on pallets directly to our clients where we can assist and supervise (upon request) the installation of the floorboards to allow the wood to perform at its best.