ODB specialises in the export of  crops (Chia seeds, Cotton and Stevia). We can also export other products. Please contact us for further details.

Chia Seeds

Paraguay produces one of the best quality of Chia which has more stable nutritional and microbiological value than the chia produced in other South American countries because of the perfect climate conditions and its fertile soil.

Stevia – Ka’a ne‘ê


The Ka’a ne‘ê, Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni, is a native plant that grows in the northern areas of the Oriental Region of Paraguay.

It has been known, from times immemorial, that the leaves of Ka’a He’ê (Stevia Plant Paraguay) were used as a medicinal plant as well as a sweetener by the Guarani  Indians, the native people indigenous to Paraguay.

Besides the potentials of the plant’s sweetener principles, its commercial growing has acquired in importance in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and the USA (California) . A strong impulse in the production of this species is being made in the first four countries mentioned through the extraction, distilling and crystallisation of its main chemical components which are already being utilised in a vast gamma of products destined for human. A 1 meter tall plant will fetch approximately 70 grams of sweetener of which 20% are  leaves. The life span of one plant is 5 years. It does not need fertilisers. 



Cotton is one of the oldest crops grown for export through the history of Paraguay. It is an expensive crop to grow because cotton demands very good and deep soil conditions, for its taproot to reach up to 2 metres deep. It also has approximately 4 times the production costs of soya beans; and as a result most of the regions farmers cannot afford to grow it. However for those who can grow cotton (generally on non-irrigated land) have doubled their returns over the input costs.

To get the soils fertility and nutrient levels sufficient for growing cotton successfully on dry land (not irrigated) generally takes 5 years of fertilization, crop rotation and enhancement of biological and biochemical activities in the soil. However this period can be reduced to 2-3 years on well farmed irrigated land as there is year round soil use and moisture, resulting in both above and below ground growth, not only for the wet season. Paraguay is known for growing high quality cotton, most of which is sold on the domestic market to merchants but more and more directly to mills and merchants in China and other parts of Asia.