Quality Assurance & Export


Beef from Paraguay is of particularly high quality. The prevailing meat producing system in Paraguay is based on the direct utilisation of pastures, forage from cultivated pastures, natural grazing lands and seasonal grown green lands.

It is a natural produce containing almost no impure matter; it is a produce of high nutritional and sensorial quality, source of proteins of high biological value, vitamins and minerals, with low levels of intramuscular and saturated fats, low levels of cholesterol, high content of omega-3 fat acids, an appropriate balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fat acids, and a very high concentration of conjugated linoleum acid. Many of these characteristics are accentuated in ecological production systems, which employ cultural, biological and mechanical methods in comparison to the use of synthetic materials

Paraguay is, aside from Bolivia, South America’s only land-locked country. The Chaco predominantly consists of very fertile sedimentary soils: ideal for lush pastures – the basis for natural cattle breeding.

The Breeders of our Beef

Most of the beef cattle breeders we work with are members of the Asociacion Rural and follow the rigid  paraguayan standards and regulations concerning beef cattle breeding. They adapt  to high international or country-specific specifications. Furthermore, the beef cattle breeders can make use of many services for livestock farming through the SAP (Agricultural and Livestock Services Department).

Periodic further training courses concerning various types of soil composition, the cultivation of pastures and the rearing and fattening of cattle keep the cattle breeders always up to date and predestined to supply prime beef from Paraguay.

High Quality Beef

Our beef cattle are bred under natural and healthy environmental conditions. Their flawless genetics make them irresistible. Veterinarians constantly check the health of the cattle. To guarantee tender beef with a natural flavour, our beef cattle are kept on natural pastures without growth promoters.

Beef is rich in quality proteins and stands out for its large contribution of minerals like iron and vitamins. We provide prime beef from Paraguay. Internationally established standards of food quality and safety are regarded just as much as a matter of course as having specialized and competent experts on staff. During all of the production stages—slaughtering, cutting, packing and exporting—of our beef we carry out very strict checks and evaluations of its quality and compliance with all of the regulations.

Export of Paraguayan Beef

We prepare the various, specific cuts for the international market. Our beef from Paraguay is already known in Chile, Peru, Colombia, Russia and some African and European countries. We pay attention to the specific requirements of each country and are proud of the trust we have gained from our clients from abroad. That and the steadily growing demand for the best beef encourage us to continue to grow and strengthen the good reputation of Paraguayan beef on the international market.